CERTO Humidifiers

How room humidification works today

Dependable, powerful and hygienic. the stand-out qualities of Klingenburg’s high-pressure humidifiers. The CERTO ensures healthy ambient air as a much-trusted system used in air-conditioning and industrial applications.

Our patented technology offers a clean and yet also exceptionally maintenance-friendly solution.

For hygienic indoor air

CERTO represents hygienic and safe air humidification. It meets all the hygiene requirements set out in the VDI 6022 guideline series "Ventilation and air-conditioning, ambient air quality" from the Association of German Engineers. It also does so without using chemicals such as silver ions.

The components
The components: vortex-generating and nozzle system (1), post-evaporator (2), agglomerator (3) and high-pressure pump station (4) are optimally matched to your air-handling unit and thus guarantee best integration into your system.

High Performance - Low Consumption

The CERTO tolerates even high wind speeds with no loss of performance. Pressure loss is minimal and energy consumption is low.

This Klingenburg humidifier is also ideally suited for room air-conditioning through evaporation (adiabatic cooling). We design your humidifier precisely to achieve constant 100% moisture saturation for the room and air volumes present in your building.

Its outstanding performance makes the CERTO the ideal humidifier for drying and cooling (DEC) systems.  another energy-saving Klingenburg product.

Dimensions to customer specifications

CERTO: how it works
The CERTO humidifier operates on the principle of extra-fine atomisation. Incoming air traverses a patented vortex generator and nozzle system that generates stable longitudinal vortices, ensuring an optimal water/air mix.

The CERTO is available as a complete unit with housing. Or alternatively as an element that can be installed in air-conditioners of any manufacturer. Ideal, therefore, as a retrofit or for upgrading existing systems.

The ‘standard’ dimensions are those you specify. and we can supply the CERTO either assembled or in parts.

The insulated housing features a study frame construction and is made from seawater-resistant aluminium, with internal panelling in stainless steel.

The standard version of this high-pressure Klingenburg humidifier includes an inspection door, sight glass and 24-volt interior lighting.

Just a few of the CERTO advantages. For a list of all its advantages, see  here.