Introduction of new products for rotary heat exchangers

Neue Steuergeräte für Rotoren bei Klingenburg

Introduction of new controllers for rotary heat exchangers

Klingenburg is about to introduce a new product range of control units for rotary heat exchangers.

These units are designed for three-phase asynchronous motors in the range from 0,09 kW to 1,5 kW.
Every controller features the usual 0-10 V signal input.


The new MicroMax product range, which has partially made its way into sales, gradually replaces the previous KR series.

In case of replacing a KR with a MicroMax unit, please keep in mind to replace the sensor working as a rotation monitor as well, because the new product uses a two-core instead of a three-core cable. For details please refer to the manuals available.


  • Robust alloy chassis IP54
  • Optional rotation monitor
  • For environments -20°C - +45°C
  • Compact dimensions
  • Operation/Alarm display

Performance data


The known KR controllers will be discontinued 31.08.2019 latest, depending on type and availability.

MicroMax controllers for motors up to 370 W will be available in limited numbers until 30.07.2019. Therefore the phase-out will be floating.

Discontinued products
The list below shows all items that will be discontinued by 30.08.2019.

  • KR2
  • KR4
  • KR7
  • KR15

Including all versions, such as KR4 R, KR4 FM or KR4 P, for the connection of external sensors.

Technical data